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Hi, I'm sleepingirl (they/she)! I'm a queer author, educator, and podcaster in the erotic hypnosis community, with over a decade of real-life hypnosis experience on both sides of the “pocket watch.” I am the author of The Brainwashing Book: Hypnotic, Erotic Behaviorism and Beyond (2019) and Kinky NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Erotic Hypnosis (2021). They can both be found, along with recorded classes and articles I've written, at my Gumroad. I also host the Two Hyp Chicks hypnokink podcast.

If you like my writing, consider subscribing to my Patreon -- the articles are all there, plus discounts on Gumroad items!

I can't help but dip my toes into every medium to express my love of erotic hypnosis, so here I am on, where I may occasionally release games/hypnosis experiences/etc. Thanks for visiting :)






Two Hyp Chicks podcast