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An 18+ game that hypnotizes you. - by sleepingirl

This is a game that will hypnotize you. It includes NLP, Ericksonian methods, and some covert-ish techniques.

The total runtime is about 15 minutes, give or take depending on how slow or fast you take it. Treat this game as a hypnosis file or session -- set time aside for yourself and be aware that if you need to turn your attention elsewhere, it's up to you to disengage.

Please view whichever content warnings you need. There are CW without major spoilers, and CW that spoil what the game is. Or play it blind!

Brief CW: This game contains no references to gender, no explicitly sexual/genital-based eroticism, and no lasting post-hypnotic effects aside from a very subtle sort of "perspective shift" anchor. It does contain hypnosis and themes of control and intensity that are not specific to a person.

NEW: I've gone through the hypnotic script of the game and written detailed commentary to use it as a teaching tool -- learn some concepts and language to do effective hypnosis. This transcript analysis is FULL SPOILERS of the game. Included are two page sizes for friendliness towards desktop or mobile reading.


Author - sleepingirl