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A 20 minute, 18+ text hypnosis session about your mind being erased.

This is an 18+ text-based program designed to hypnotize you. It includes NLP and Ericksonian methods. It's a little slow, covert, and confusing, and is designed to blank you out.

This game is a little more specific than my first two -- it's aimed towards people who are very interested in that total blankness/erased feeling from trance.

The total runtime is about 20-25 minutes, give or take depending on how slow or fast you take it. Treat this game as a hypnosis file or session -- set time aside for yourself and be aware that if you need to turn your attention elsewhere, it's up to you to disengage.

CW: This session contains no references to gender and no necessary lasting effects or post-hypnotic suggestions (there is an option to keep things), though it suggests an improvement in "being hypnotized." There are some references and themes of (hypnofetish, non-genital-based) eroticism/pleasure. There are themes of total erasure including (what I'd consider light) identity erasure.

Note: When running this game your computer may flag it as risky software. I am a good hypnotist but not good enough at computers to a) make malware, or b) fix this, and my reputation/livelihood would be on the line if I was hacking people. I can only promise that it's not. Also, these sessions are not available for mobile devices, sorry!

Author - sleepingirl

Download at