Transubstantiation Synthesis

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This game is horny for drones, robots, mind/body control, and THE FUTURE.

Content note

This game contains themes of drone kink, as well as mind control and body control. It is very ethically dubious. People are mean to the player. Things are not always okay. There is some writing in here that I personally feel hasn't aged well.

I strongly recommend that you play Reset Day instead, which is something halfway between a sequel and a soft reboot.

If you wish to continue: 18+ only, thanks. If possible, please download and run locally. The web build is functional, but it doesn't run as well as the native ones. In particular it has some trouble with framerate, scrolling and sound playback.


This game is horny for drones, robots, mind/body control, and THE FUTURE.

TRANSUBSTANTIATION SYNTHESIS is a work of futurology. What will the world of tomorrow look like? Which trends are currently in place, and what do they mean for us? 18+ only, thanks.

Content note

This game contains no outright sexual content, but plenty of lewd text and some sound effects. The game works on an "assumed consent" basis - i. e. consent is given by you, the player, and not necessarily your avatar.

Bodies and minds are messed with in a variety of ways. There is some 'meta' content in here. Robots and other cybernetic things are involved.

Further information

  • Controls: Mouse, keyboard (occasionally, optionally)
    • Left click on empty space to move there. Camera will scroll automatically if needed.
    • Cursor will turn into a hand shape while over an object, character or hotspot that can be interacted with.
      • Left click to walk over to the entity.
      • Right click to examine the object, character or hotspot.
      • Double click to interact with / talk to the object, character or hotspot. Specific action depends on context.
      • When interacting with characters, aim towards the center or a little below, the collision shapes don't really extend all the way to the top (I'll fix this once the jam is over).
    • Text can be advanced or dismissed by left-clicking on it, or by pressing the space bar. It will eventually advance on is own, too.
      • Dialogue boxes can be advanced or dismissed by left-clicking on the appropriate button.
      • You may have to select an option first, for which you should use the mouse. Or TAB/SHIFT-TAB, if you insist.
  • Known bugs and issues:
    • There is a problem in Godot Physics 2D with very fast mouse movement speeds (
      • This will sometimes lead to the cursor not changing over hotspots if the mouse is moved very quickly.
      • You can always move your mouse out of the game window and back in, that should clear up any lingering problems.
      • Interacting with hotspots also still works if this glitch happens, and it can be avoided with slower mouse movements.
    • It's best not to mess with the window too much while the game is doing stuff. The mouse controls can sometimes glitch out if you change the size or maximize/minimize too much.
  • Graphical assets used:
    • "monogram" font by datagoblin
    • "Liberation Fonts" font collection
    • Sprites and sound effects from various Kenney collections
    • A wide variety of graphics from the OpenMoji repository
    • Robutt icon by OldManGunda over on FurAffinity
  • Soundtrack
    • Jason Shaw - Tech Talk, CC-BY, from
    • Vilkas Sound - Office Background Ambience, CC-BY
    • Gianluca Sgalambro - Descarga Con Hiro, CC-BY, from
    • Chad Crouch - Sparrow and Chat (Instrumental), CC-BY-NC, from
    • Itsensäsyöjät - Springs and black leather, CC-BY, from from
    • Broke For Free - Night Owl, CC-BY, from
    • Broke For Free - A Beautiful Life, CC-BY, from
    • Broke For Free - Solitude, CC-BY, from
    • Marihiko Hara - color for me, CC-BY, from
    • GR∑Y - You and I Be Love, CC-BY-NC, from
  • Other sound effects
    • by bhanco3 (edited)
  • Voice actors
    • Robot voice:
    • Person voice:
  • Other notes
    • The dialogue in this game is in Esperanto. Some of it is garbled nonsense, the rest is taken from Zamenhof's translation of Hamlet ("Hamleto, Reĝido de Danujo").
    • If you speak Esperanto, I apologise, because this must be very confusing

Author - KDRGN

Download -