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Vaporwave and robofeels, just before the drone revolt


Vaporwave and robofeels. Slice of life. See the world through the eyes of cool posthuman machines, and effect some change where it's needed. Point-and-click adventure goodness.

This game is something between a sequel to and a soft reboot of Transubstantiation Synthesis. It's much nicer than that game, has more plot and contains less weird meta-fictional stuff. There's definitely a sort of parallel in theme, though. Personally I think this one is better.

If at all possible, please download a native build - the browser version runs (including on smartphones) but has some performance problems.


This game makes a lot of use of palette cycling shaders, which ends up looking like pulsating lights. They shouldn't flash too quickly, but if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, you might still want to take care.

While the actual content in this game is relatively tame, it was still made in a horny spirit. So, please, 18+ only. There are no overly lewd sounds or visuals, but it does lean into some robot/drone fetish space stuff. That means mind control, objectification and dom/sub content are all touched upon.

Finally, the game does have some darker aspects. There are discussions and credible threats of violence. Everyone involved is fine in the end, but please, be aware of that.


The whole game is controlled via mouse (or touchscreen). To walk, LEFT-CLICK anywhere (or touch there.) To interact with a person or object, LEFT-CLICK on them, then choose the appropriate action from the menu that pops up.

To navigate multi-screen rooms, walk to the edge. It might take a few tries. Sorry about that.

To see all interactable objects on the current screen, hold TAB on your keyboard. Or open the right-hand menu (LEFT-CLICK or TOUCH the robot face), then select the appropriate action from the menu.

To change settings, save or load your game, use the left-hand menu (gear icon).

Author - KDRGN

Download -