Sublime Compliance

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Nyx Goddess Games is proud to present Sublime Compliance, the hypnotic game that rewrites your mind with subliminals as you play! Try to chase high scores in time attack mode, all while slipping further and further into submission...

To be absolutely clear, this is a game that will attempt to hypnotize you, the player, and install hypnotic suggestions to be used over the course of the game. There is a mandatory pre-hypnosis consent screen which goes into more detail, but the primary suggestion is to temporarily replace disobedient thoughts in your head with thoughts of words given to you via subliminal flashes onscreen. The subliminals which the full game uses may be modified, but in the hypnotic tutorial, the words used are SUBMIT, OBEY, PLEASURE, and DEEPER.

THIS GAME CONTAINS MILD FLASHING LIGHTS. You can stop the game, wipe all suggestions, and get counted up during the tutorial by pressing ESC.

We hope you enjoy! Please consider purchasing a copy to get extra subliminal packs, longer gameplay sessions, and persistent high scores!

NOTE: Certain people have experienced trouble running this game on certain browsers, so if it fails to load, please try another browser. Our most hypnotized programmers are looking into the issue, and we hope to have a solution soon.

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