Hypnotic Visuals Pack 01

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This small hypnotic visuals pack contains customizable versions of:

  • Spirals (2D and 3D)
  • Shrinking shapes
  • A rotating Nyx Goddess Games logo

with the intent to capture the viewer's attention and provide pleasing visuals, potentially as aid to someone/something else hypnotizes them. All of these visuals may be activated, deactivated, or modified using the menu at the bottom of the screen. There is no audio in this experience; just customizable patterns for the eye.

This experience also features a safety timer, viewable in the bottom right of the menu. To reset/add time, click the timer to change its length. The experience will immediately end once the timer hits 00:00.  If you wish to quit early, you may press the quit button in the top left or press ESC. There is no count-up in this experience; while the visuals are hypnotic, they are best experienced while hypnotized by something else, which should come with its own count-up. We hope you enjoy this short gift from Nyx Goddess Games, whether you're using it as part of a hypnotic experience, having a good time, or just experimenting to see what pretty patterns you can make.

Author - Nyx Goddess Games

Available at itch.io