Doctor Voldritch's Experiment

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A sci fi hypnotic adventure with a mad scientist

This is a sci fi visual novel intended to hypnotize you with suggestions/triggers and a bonus QnA at the end. For those not familiar with hypnosis, the game is suppose to relax you and make you calmer (think of it similar to a guided meditation app but with a science-y theme)

The story:

It seems you signed up for an experiment at a lab testing the effects of mind control. The experiment is led by a rather calm yet eccentric doctor named Voldritch who will help you through the experiment and ease your mind leaving you, well, mindless.

The web version runs a bit slower depending on your computer/internet so there's always the downloadable options.

Made by me and with help with my friend Chef.


next game in the series: Lavender Laboratories

If you want more voldie, I have a comic series:

Author - Bloof

Download/Play -