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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux by Nyx Goddess Games

Enjoy our E^4 presentation? Want our girlboss star presenter, Priestess Synergy-12, to break into your mind and mold it as she sees fit? We have great news for you: in Backstage Pass, you can experience exactly that!

Get tranced out, loaded into a hypno pod, and have your mind molded to become the perfect secretary in this new interactive erotic hypnosis experience from Nyx Gaming!

CONSENT INFO (also accessible in-game):

This is an interactive audiovisual hypnosis file. Before you begin, put on headphones, sit or lie comfortably where you can see the computer, and make sure you won't be interrupted for the next 17 minutes.

This file uses fractionation, so DO NOT operate heavy machinery after playing!

In this file, known girlboss Priestess Synergy-12 trances you out, loads you into a hypno pod, and molds your mind to be the perfect secretary... if she can stop getting interrupted by terrified underlings, of course.

This file engages with themes of femdom, minor external conflict, repeated external interruptions, hypno gas, hypno pods, implied memory loss, becoming a secretary, getting dressed up professionally (and brief discussions of gendered clothing which give the player the final say), and getting assigned a secretary drone name.

Additionally it has one suggestion: to feel a tingle of submissive pleasure whenever you do secretary-esque things (filling out paperwork, tidying up, and fulfilling obligations) for the following week.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can press ESC to wipe all suggestions and get counted up, ending the file.

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