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We're a team of three lewd lovin' developers who are here to make you laugh hard at absurdly cute characters up to naughty things. AND PAIZURI~!!!

Over the last few years, we've continued to improve our lewd craft in an effort to create funnier stories, sexier art, and characters, through various stories and naughty pin-ups.

We joined Patreon in 2017, bringing our lewd humor to y’all with Paizuri University. And since then, we've worked hard to expand that paizuri world we started thanks to the awesome love and feedback from our wonderful fans and Patrons.

By becoming a Patron you get access to:

  • Paizuri Impact Pin-Ups! Every month we add new paizuri pin-ups. Sending ripples throughout the month to all Patrons.
  • Early Access and Patron-only downloads of our latest games.
  • Exclusive polls that help shape our lewd decisions!
  • Our entire library of past lewd pin-ups and games.
  • Lewd behind-the-scenes news and updates on development, works-in-progress, sneak peeks, and anything else that comes up during the month.

To see everything we've made, visit our library page!

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Library Page


Zuripai Sama - Twitter

Buka Chan - Twitter, Newgrounds