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Yes, Master! is a short, free, single player, mouse controlled, visual novel with some light puzzle elements.

The story is told from a third person point of view, the main character being Star Lenarde. At the start of the game we learn that she has anxiety issues and panic attacks when alone in a strange place or in the company of strangers. She is treated for this by taking home a service dog, Bobby, who one day runs away into the woods. Star follows and meets a strange man who hypnotises her and they have sex.

The stranger is so pleased with her performance that he gives her a locket which will hypnotise others into becoming Star's sex slaves should she so wish. The rest of the novel explores how and whether Star uses the locket's powers.

The game is short and therefore needs no save feature, it does not have multiple endings and is completely linear. There is no dialogue but there is gentle elevator-type music and some expressive vocal sound effects at key moments.

The magic locket gives you mind control powers.

Will you resist or yield to the lust?

  • The disturbing story about the mysterious hypnotist
  • Female protagonist
  • Visual novel mixed with point-and-click adventure
  • Explore your sexuality and will to submit… or to control
  • Adults only uncensored version

depictions of sexual acts

mind controlled sex scenes

Author - sexandglory

Publisher - Ktulhu Solutions

Download - Steam