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Adventure. Mystery. Drone conversion, as treat. Created for Strawberry Jam 7 by KDRGN

Adventure. Little a drone conversion, as treat. Point-and-click adventure goodness, involving several robots, at least some of which are very kissable.

The web version does not work in all smartphone browsers. Chrome should be fine, Firefox does not work correctly. Sorry!

Made for Strawberry Jam 7. This is a feature-complete version of the game, though it might receive some polish and bugfixes post-jam. Let's call it version 0.9 version 0.9.1 with some fixes.

This game should work in mobile browsers, but it's not guaranteed. It breaks my heart to type this, but you have to use Chrome, in Firefox the touches don't register right.


  • Point and click action
  • Lots of reading
  • Combat robots, digital pets, and scientists with very nice tails
  • Worldbuilding!
  • Insights into the ways the digital transformation affects the business world


It's long after the robot apocalypse. (Don't worry if you didn't play the prequel, it just adds some background context.)

Now, "the apocalypse" sounds dangerous. It was the end of the world as we knew it, but it turns out they're actually kind of cool. There's not all that much to do anymore, though - drones do all the tedious jobs now, and you can only spend so much time relaxing at home.

So, when the opportunity arose to go on a mysterious away mission, you jumped at the chance. They, uh, didn't really explain what you were supposed to do? But surely you'll be briefed as soon as you get to the island. And then it'll be smooooooth saaaaailing.


While the actual content in this game is relatively tame, it was still made in a horny spirit. So, please, 18+ only. There are no overly lewd sounds or visuals, but it does lean into some robot/drone fetish space stuff. That means mind control, objectification and dom/sub content are all touched upon.

The game does have some darker aspects. There are discussions and credible threats of violence. Everyone involved is fine in the end, but please, be aware of that.

There are story branches that involve robot-on-robot violence, reality deviation and de-realisation. They are clearly signposted and can be avoided, however.


Before you start the game, please look at the settings (accessible from the main menu).

  • Here you can toggle fullscreen mode, change volume,
  • and (en-/dis-)able some compatibility features.

The whole game is controlled via mouse (or touchscreen). You literally just need the mouse and the LEFT-CLICK button (or your touch interface.)

  • To walk, LEFT-CLICK anywhere (or touch there.)
  • To interact with a person or object, LEFT-CLICK on them, then choose the appropriate action from the menu that pops up.
  • To see all interactable objects on the current screen, open the right-hand menu (LEFT-CLICK or TOUCH the MENU BUTTON), then click on the lightbulb icon.
  • Rooms scroll automatically. The camera always follows the player.

You can open the menu with the MENU BUTTON in the top right.

  • To change settings, save or load your game, use the PAUSE MENU (first button).
  • To highlight all hotspots on the current screen, use the LIGHTBULB ICON (second button).
  • To review your notes, look at the map, or check your character's status, use the SMARTPHONE ICON (third button).

If you encounter a bug, your best shot at fixing it is to QUIT TO MENU, then load the most recent SAVEGAME (or auto-save). That should get you out of most situations. You may have to close the game first. Sorry in advance.

[ HELP ]

If you're stuck at the part with the forest, here's the solution to the puzzle (... such as it is.) Go to https://rot13.com/ to decipher this.

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Author - KDRGN

Download - itch.io