Thrallworks: Orientation

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Thrallworks; a multiversal BM Company that works in the acquisition, development and sale of 'thralls',​ sentient servants who perform a multitude of functions.

You are Instructor William Reinhold Keller, recently transferred from the Harvesting Department into K-Class Thrall Development; those thralls well known throughout the multiverse. Here you're to orient your first thrall, L-D19; or as she used to be known, 'Ty Lee'...

This is a demo for 'Thrallworks', an erotic VN where you teach thralls about their new lives and find out what makes Thrallworks tick, meeting the other staff and developing your skills as an Instructor within their web of bureaucracy and under-table dealings...

There's a ton of CG's in there and all at 1920x1080 res, along with Thrallopedia entries for the various models of thrall you can get, with some unlockable Instructor Logs if you do a realy goob job convincing her!

This is just the first part of the process of instructing a thrall; getting her to agree to her instruction and accepting her place. It's the most 'involved' part of the process so far as wrangling her goes.

In the future this is going to be converted from ren'py into Unity so I can add the features that will be approriate going forward. Expect it to be something more like Princess Maker more than Princess Trainer. I'll be posting updates about it bi-monthly on hypnohub, deviant art and other such places, giving out free public releases as we go.

At any rate, thanks for being here and I hope you have fun! If you do, please consider supporting the project over on Patreon. Enjoy! And of course it goes without saying that all characters within are depicted as 18+

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