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Twelve monster girls compete in a game show for the prize of keeping you as a hypnotized slave forever


You have been hypnotized, and then abducted by space aliens, who are going to use you as the prize for their game show. Twelve beautiful monster girls are competing for the right to take you home as their hypnotized slave, and each of them can hypnotize you. Can you escape their grasp while retaining control of your own mind? Do you even want to?

This is the most branch-heavy story that this site has ever hosted, and is better regarded as a finite state machine rather than a more typical route tree. The main portion of the story has 168 pages, and any of those pages can be reached from any other, though in some cases, it will take several hops to get there. Until you find the door to exit the maze, any of the 39 endings are still possible.

This is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style of story with many branching paths. Some people have started using that to mean "ask the readers which path to write, but only write one". That's not what this story does. It writes all paths, and reaches 39 different endings.

Unlike my other such branching stories, in many cases here, you don't actually pick a path for yourself. Rather, the intent is that you roll a six-sided die, and what it comes up with determines your path. That is always the case when there are six options numbered 1-6. For pages that end with a different number of options and actual, descriptive labels, the intent is that you choose whichever path you want. You can pick a path yourself if you like instead of rolling a die, but I've randomized the order of which links go to which pages, so it won't make much difference unless you cheat by checking one page then following a different path. Because the order of poll options is randomized every time, you could just select the top option every time that they are numbered 1-6, and that will be equivalently random to rolling a die.

The story goes that you've been abducted by aliens to be a contestant on their game show, "The Hypno Games". You're dropped into a maze with twelve beautiful monster girls who can hypnotize you. There is a door to exit the maze, but it won't appear until you're right next to it, so neither you nor any of the monster girls know where it is. The various monster girls will try to hypnotize you, then find the door while they have control of you. Whichever one succeeds gets to keep you as her hypnotized slave forever.

The monster girls will try to steal you from each other, and if two come across each other while you're there, they'll fight for who keeps control of you. You don't get to pick who wins the fight, but 1/3 of possible fights will effectively be a draw where you break free and get to choose what to do next. You can help one of the two monster girls fighting over control of you, or you can run away. If you find the door while free, you win.

There are a total of 259 pages in this story, with quite a bit of copy and paste from one page to another. The branching structure is very complicated, with an enormous number of loops in which it's possible to return to a page where you had been before. There is an enormous amount of symmetry in how the pages are structured, but even given the full, published story, trying to reverse engineer how I structured this would be quite a bit of work.

For what it's worth, if your goal is to escape free, and you always take the optimal strategy toward doing this (which will be obvious), you have a 7/19 probability of success. Exactly, and yes, that is readily calculable. If your goal is to be taken home by a monster girl that you chose to submit to (which gets you a better ending than if you try to escape and fail), your probability of success is 28/43.

The start of the story might look nothing like what I described above. But I'll get there, and the introduction is there to set up the story--as well as certain endings. Without further ado, let's get on with the story.

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