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Hi everyone!

I'm TDL and I make smutty drawings and writings, (normally more fetish-wear and mind-control than the in-and-out).

The current 'main' project is an ero-game called Thrallworks, a game where you have been hired to turn characters from throughout the multiverse into thralls; latex-clad servants who dance, fight and perform....'other' duties. Oblique mind-control abounds, but so does romance with employees and thralls alike, and beyond that, well, there's more to the job than what's in the job description...

The work on it is up to your first thrall's orientation, and is available for free here!

As well as the main project, there are a smattering of other ongoing projects that update more regularly, these being:

  • Volition, a short (unfinished) alt-universe comic set in the AtLA universe where Suki is a palace slave under Azula's thumb.
    • You can download the whole thing for free here (Or, if you're a patron of mine already, head over here to get a code to get you the full HD version for free!)
  • Thrallopedia, an ongoing database of the various thralls, drones and equipment used within the universe of Thrallworks.
    • Occassionaly commission-slots open up to create an entire set for a particular thrall-model, with the characters chosen being of the commissioner's choice.
  • Thrallworks Hunger Games, a fun little game held on discord every Sunday, 10.30 GMT where people can choose characters to fight in an RNG simulation.
    • The winning character's player gets a sketch from me of their chosen character as a thrall-model of their choosing!
  • The Movement, a choose your own adventure set in a fantasy world of spirits where you're guiding the shapings of a cult.
    • This plays on every Thursday for a span of a few months and then pauses for a few wkeks- and is just starting up!


Previous projects were some earlier CYOA's based around the early days of the Movement, You can find the posts the world and event here, though I'd more recommend checking out An Ambassador's Dilemma on Ao3 as a starting point (findable here too, just start at the bottom of the tag and work your way up. There's also a couple of pages of Movement comics here! (Or here if you're not on patreon yet.) As for ought else, might be comics, might be a blend of comic and writing, and if you like the stuff, I'd appreciate your custom! Enjoy!

Thrallworks: Orientation