Summer MC: That Time I Found a Magic Hypno Book

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You follow the story of a guy who usually wastes his summer vacations in his room. At his last summer as a highschooler, this time he has to spend it living with his parents' friend, Miss Shiraishi, and her daughter (and your former childhood friend), Ayako.

Exploring his new room, he finds hidden in a box a strange book that used to belong to Miss Shiraishi’s late husband, a magical hypno book that grants you the ability to hypnotize people at will.

Living with two beautiful women and a new power to help him conquer them, this summer won’t be like the rest!

Explore this renpy sandbox game where you can meet multiple women and hypnotize them to your heart's content. Build your relationships and deepen your control over them to unlock more and more scenes with them.

Blank faces, empty eyes and lots and lots of yes master!

The game is built in Renpy and uses Koikatsu as a rendering engine for the scenes and characters. It is currently in development but with lots of content to try available.

Author - Hypnoink