Subliminal Quest

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Adventure Visual novel with rpg-style combat mini-game

First of all, I'm going to really thank you all for the support on the demo. Really appreciated. For these notes, I'll be addressing some issues of the latest version.

While the game contains no nudity, it touches adult themes. So you should only play this game if you are 18+ y/o

This is currently a demo which should be updated every few weeks until a chapter one release which should still be free.

Features of the demo

-Animated Live2d models for the main cast and side characters. Multiple outfits for each character

-Minigame 4v4 battle featuring animated pixel-art sprites

-Animated screen effects and hand-draw animations

-Weird shit

If you have any feedback/idea/suggestion/bug-report make sure you let me know!

Support the project in PATREON and SUBSCRIBESTAR for more content!

Author - Gojulas

Download -