Spiral Clicker: Christmas Survivors

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Something has corrupted the North Pole realm, but that's your job! You must save Christmas to make it yours!

Helen, your servant and partner-in-crime has  a special surprise for you this Christmas; a trip to the North Pole realm where you can add Sandy to your harem. There is just one small problem; someone else already beat you to her!

With the North Pole swarming with mindless elves, imps, and succubi, the only chance you have of adding Sandy to your harem will be to survive their attempts to break your will and stop the source of Sandy's corruption... So you can corrupt her yourself.

6 characters from Spiral Clicker make an appearance in the game, and each specializes in one of the 6 spells in the game to change how that spell works for them.

Each character has a 5 part story line that plays out between stages, each concluding with a new full screen CG.

This project started out as a rather simple vampire survivor style game to practice a few techniques for projectile management and tracking. It ended up growing rapidly before I knew it. Its nowhere near the scope of Vampire Survivors, but I do hope that I did a good enough job for it to be enjoyable. If enough people like it, I might be able to add new characters, spells, stages and plotlines for other holidays. This game is also available now on Patreon at the $3.00/post tier, and Subscribstar at the $5.00/month tier.

Author - Changer

Download at itch.io