SoundSelf: A Technodelic

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SoundSelf is the collision of centuries-old mindfulness wisdom and the videogame trance. It's an exhilarating journey into altered states of consciousness powered by your own voice.

Use your voice to generate a hypnotic world of sounds and visuals that feel like they are coming directly from your body. Emergent music harmonizes with you, as you drift through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and deep into a meditative trance.

Measured by cognitive neuro-scientists to produce transcendent states of consciousness. SoundSelf is an elegant symmetry of image, sound and body that takes advantage of loopholes in the way you perceive to facilitate a new experience of yourself and your world. Read the study here:

Dim the lights, turn up the volume, and let your voice guide you through an odyssey of color and sound that dissolves your mind in a bath of ecstatic sensation.




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