Slime Girl Caverns

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Slime Girl Caverns is a mostly linear erotic text-based RPG. You are a honey farmer, the local cave of slime girls (RPG slimes but cute girls) has stolen your honey, and you want it back! What follows is a wacky adventure full of strange encounters and erotic mishaps.


  • ~ Eight complete zones to explore and a hub area!~
  • ~ A variety of wacky enemies in every zone.~
  • ~ Optional encounters for added challenge! Tackle them at your leisure, and you might make a new friend or get something cool!~
  • ~ Manage resources in between visits to the friendly slime nurse.~
  • ~ Player magic system: get psychic powers and smash your foes!~
  • ~ Special erotic endings for being defeated by every enemy. Make an extra save file and see what happens!~