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A short D/s themed game by andi bumble

NSFW, you must be 18 yrs or older to play

Content warnings for non-consensual hypnosis/mind control, forced identity loss/denial, and BDSM (dom/sub, punishment, degradation) content. Some of this can be pretty heavy!

Controls: Arrow keys and Z

This game isn't specifically about trans women, but I've heard a few of us are subs so I figured it'd be thematically appropriate.

I'm hoping to keep working on it for the future, but I hope you enjoy what I've got now! If you already have a copy of PICO-8, I've also included a link to the .p8.png cartridge file so you can poke around in my incomprehensible source code. You just need to move it to your carts directory (which can be found by using the FOLDER command in the PICO-8 terminal) and load it like any other game!

Download/play -