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Nyx Goddess Games is proud to present Psychic Damage, a hypnotic BDSM arcade game that puts masochism back in the masocore genre! Dodge squares, chase high scores (and the bliss of trance), and get hypnotically slapped around by the game's very own AI domme!

To be absolutely clear, this is a game that will attempt to hypnotize you, the player, and install hypnotic suggestions to be used in the rest of the game. There is a mandatory pre-hypnosis consent screen which goes into more detail, but the base effects of the introductory file are:

  • To lightly fractionate you (inducing a temporary state of mildly impaired cognition not wholly unlike drunkenness. DO NOT operate heavy machinery after playing!)
  • To make you feel pain when seeing a pain trigger visual (only in-game; will not have any effect elsewhere)
  • To make you enter a state of light trance when seeing a trance trigger visual (only in-game; will not have any effect elsewhere)
  • To install a dial in your mind so you can modulate the intensity of your reaction to both trigger visuals

We hope you enjoy! Please consider buying a copy of the game to get a fullscreen version, saved progress, and a bonus message from Glitch-01!

NOTE: Certain people have experienced trouble running this game on certain browsers, so if it fails to load, please try another browser. Our most hypnotized programmers are looking into the issue, and we hope to have a solution soon.

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