Princess Hypnosis

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Full title - Princess Hypnosis ~ Princess knight Selene falls to the dark side with hypnosis


Elisha Empire and Schalk Kingdom were in a state of war. Although the Imperial army was dominant in the beginning , they became inferior gradually. Imperial Army has been discussed days and nights ways to reverse the situation.

At such time, a wizard Iruderumo who can use the hypnotic magic made some proposals to the emperor Jefas. It is to manipulate the Kingdom's strongest princess knight Selene with hypnotic magic that he can cast, and turn her into the Empire's soldier. Iruderumo said that by doing so, the empire will regain advantages for the war situations immediately.

And through the meeting, the Empire decided to carry out this strategy......

On the other hand, at the Kingdom, there was a couple that made future vows together. Agito, the leader of the Kingdom's knights, and Selene, the Kingdom's of princess knight.

Two of them were deeply, and innocently in love. Two were taking it extremely slow where, let alone not having to kiss each other but, have not even held each other's hands.... Horrible future was creeping up to them......

One day, the wizard with hypnotic power, Iruderumo has attacked Selene while she were heading to the forest for her training. Iruderumo hypnotized Selene.

Selene has strong will so, the effect of hypnosis was weak initially but, each time it was applied, the effect of it got stronger and Selene with strong will like a steel, started to fall toward the darkside...


* Selene

The Kingdom's princess knight. The hero of the Kingdom with noble mind, strength and her beauty. Strict to herself but, gentle to others. She was being trusted even from citizens and soldiers. Had the best sword skill within the Kingdom. In addition, she was strong mentally and, possessed a hard as steel mentality that could not easily be brainwashed.

* Agito

The most handsome guy in the Kingdom. Not only for his looks but, with his nice personality, other guys were often jealous. Although not as talented as Selene but, he also was talented with swords which was at the top class level within the Kingdom. Selene's lover and, has already been promised to marry her.

* Iruderumo

Mysterious guy who uses hypnotic magic. He used to be a villager from now destroyed imperial territory by Selene. However, nobody knows the truth. Despite the village was destroyed by Selene he claims that, he does not have any resentment toward Selene. However, he seems very eager to brainwash Selene...


* Hypnosis

* Losing virginity

* Betrayal

* Killing fiance

* Thorough torture and exploitation

* Corruption

* Shaming in front of many citizens

* Resisting while in hypnotic state

* Blowjob

* Masturbation

There are erotic scenes scene contains the voice.

You will express the differences in words that are used to express her internal feelings and, what she is forced to say by being hypnotized.

Voice: Masakiphan

Developer - Tistrya