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Brainwash heroes and put them to good use.

After narrowly avoiding defeat at the hands of an adventuring party, The Witch of the Woods seeks revenge against the heroes that scorned him. You are that witch. Manage a household of servants and hunt down the adventurers foolish enough to cross you, before converting them into polite, obedient slaves.

NSFW. Do not play if you are under the age of 18 or are adverse to fetishes pertaining to hypnotism/mind control, master/slave, paws, musk, and more. NOTE: This game is still in development! Currently it's just a very simple demo: in future updates, there'll be more mechanics, more heroes to brainwash, and more... well, everything! You can get more updates about the project on my Twitter. If you enjoyed, please feel free to follow and/or donate to support the development process!

Author - Citrine

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