Penny for your Thoughts

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A collection of hypnosis kink games by Zuno

Dip into a world of hypnotic pleasures and experiences. Penny for your Thoughts, written for both beginners and experienced kinksters, offers a sincere exploration into the art of enticement and suggestion.


  • Five new games, depicting a variety of hypnotic fantasies and experiences.
  • Comprehensive safety measures and tools for Hypnosis Kink play
  • Detailed discussions and suggestions for honing hypnosis technique.
  • Printer-friendly PDF variant

This book is the sequel to Leave Your Mind at the Door, and a love-letter to the Hypnosis Kink community. Please Note. While both book include directions for learning Hypnosis Kink play, it's important to clarify that neither are a starting point for learning how to perform hypnosis.

Author - Zuno

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