Parasite Infection

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You have been abducted to a spaceship full of body changing parasites

Parasite Infection is a sexually explicit game for a niche fetish - parasitism.  It is a hentai adventure being developed in Twine.  I was motivated to create this because of the lack of quality parasite hentai online.  If you like it and want to support its development into something truly spectacular, please donate.

You are Chet, an average person working in a mundane job. One day you are accidentally abducted onto an alien ship as part of their bio-weapon science experiment. Explore and discover what is going on - escape if you can! Or maybe you won't want to. The vessel is filled with parasites capable of merging with and altering the body in various ways. Unfortunately, it looks like they chose the worst (horniest) possible test subject, and things get out of hand.

Parasite Infection has been evolving from a pure text-based choose your own adventure story into a fairly complex game involving mind control, body modification, gender fluidity, and unique sex acts which are physically impossible under normal circumstances. The art started as stick figure hand drawn abominations (by me) and has turned into the amazing artwork you see in the screenshots (by ModeSeven). Player feedback and ideas have helped to push the game forward. There are some truly out of this world sex situations in this game which I wouldn't have thought up if it wasn't for communication with the fans.

Some people have said this game is addictive. If you feel you are playing it too much, please take a break and go outside. Parasite Infection started as a way of sharing an erotic fantasy, and that's still the primary goal. I don't need your money that badly (although it does help - the artwork was only possible once I monetized the project). Games should be about fun, not entrapment. Yes I know how ironic it is that I'm saying this about a game literally designed around mind control, but it's what I believe.

Finally - if you choose to buy this game, thank you for your support. I will be monitoring feedback and improving the game based on reviews and discussion.

The release covers parts 1, 2, and 3.  Parts 4 and 5 are now in development as an expansion.

Fetishes: Parasites, Male-to-female, Gratuitous sex, Mind Control, Breast Growth, Futanari (Hermaphrodite), Impregnation, Self-impregnation, Mindfucking

Also Includes: Nonconsensual sex

Does not include: Violence of any kind, toward anyone.

Author - Light Dark Deviant