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Legends tell of an arcade game that was deployed in the early 1980s, but then vanished without trace, apparently after entrancing its victims and permanently altering their mental states. In the legend Polybius was malign, twisting the minds of its addicted users. We have no desire to bend people's brains in any kind of a bad way, but given my history with lightsynths and trance-style shooters I thought it'd be fun to do an interpretation of the mythical Polybius, make it entrancing, but certainly not harmful. We hope that the only mindstate changes our game will elicit in its users will be an exhilarating speed rush, an uplifting euphoria, and a happy smile across your mind once you take off the headset and return to real life.

We aim to achieve that through fast, flowing gameplay that is exhilarating and relaxing at the same time, delivered directly into your eyeballs at 120 frames per second. The game is tuned to deliver an intense speed rush whilst also being one of the most comfortable and safe experiences you can have in VR - despite the game's fast pace, because of the way it is designed there is very little chance of encountering 'VR sickness'. The bossless gameplay flows smoothly from level to level and it's intended that you finish each play session feeling happy and pleased rather than frustrated. You won't walk away from Polybius feeling stressed and angry.

Fifty levels of gameplay are accompanied by a large soundtrack of excellent tunes by the same team who did the award-winning music for our last opus "TxK" on the PS Vita. You'll be playing just to hear the next tune as well as to get the highest score!

Author - Llamasoft

Download - Steam

NIN Less Than video (cw flashing lights, hypnotic imagery) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDV-dOvqKzQ

Polybius urban legend - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polybius_(urban_legend)