Mezma's Revenge

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Turn off your mind and vibe with a bunch of wacky hypnotists

A new addition to the past hypnotic visual novels involving 2 new hypnotists, each with their own style. You can pick New Age Bloof for a meditative journey, Dr. Voldritch if you miss his devious mad scientist charm or if you want something more intense, Elijah, a scheming super villain who likes brainwashing.

The story:

A civilian named Vivian and a Bloof named Dan are bickering over the horrible Alex Jones presidency of Bloofworld only to find their TV (and America) taken over by a corrupt hypnotist called Mezmaglitter.

Vivian and Dan scramble to find a hypnotist who can save their world...


The web version runs a bit slower depending on your computer/internet so there's always the downloadable options. Playtime is about 2-3 hours.

Made by me and with help with my friend Chef.


Previous game in the series: Lavender Laboratories

If you want more of these strange characters, I have a comic series:

Author - Bloof

Download/Play -