Kissing Therapy: Proper Counseling

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Rose is a newly hired counselor trying to get to the bottom of a drug scandal rocking the campus of her community college. Join her as she uncovers a vast conspiracy beyond her wildest imagination and becomes wrapped up in it's tangled webs.

  • Marvel At Sizzling Hot Scenes Text, visuals, and audio come together for maximum sexiness!
  • Dive Into A Longer Story, More Content Proper Counseling's story is twice the length of the original Kissing Therapy and features over four times the artwork!
  • Listen To Bonus, Unlockable Audio Logs How deep does this rabbit hole go? New unlockable audio logs reveal even more about the campus conspiracies.

Author - Outbreak Games

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Other Versions

Kissing Therapy

Kissing Therapy Re-Lewded

Bonus Content