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Come join Mahiru, as she subverts Zi-Tech from the inside out...or not.

Induction is a hypnosis/mind-control-themed visual novel, currently in development. All characters depicted are over 18 years of age.

Content Warning: Bad language, dubious ethics (Consensual and non-consensual)

Currently Features:

  • Over 16,000 words
  • 1 CG (it's hard, okay?)
  • 1 Main route
    • 1 Finished sub route
    • 2 sub routes in progress
  • 1 Main route in development
  • 8 unique endings
  • Hypnosis/Mind-Control/Brainwashing (consensual and non-consensual)
  • Robot/Drone Play
  • Doll Play
  • Maid Play
  • Dehumanisation/Personality alteration
  • Female Protagonist
  • Eight female characters
    • Protagonist
    • Five main 'routes'
    • Two sub character
  • 2D Background and Character Art

Support the Project!

Induction is being developed by me,  Zires, an independent artist/musician/coder/writer. Whilst I'm sure I could develop this project by myself, any funding or donations would be greatly appreciated, as it allows me to fund for not only the project and its development, but for my food and comfort. If you would like to make a donation/contribution, visit my Ko-fi page and consider pledging, or making a one-time donation!

Currently, the only level is Employee for $2 a month ($0.07 a day), which will grant early access to Induction and sneak peaks to the CGs, as well as a unique role on my Discord.

The project is around a month old and there are still plans to improve the game's writing, graphics and audio in the future, as well as several more routes for the player to choose from, each putting the protagonist in unique and interesting situations.

Suggestions, feedback and comments are greatly encouraged and welcomed, if you want to discuss it with others and myself, check out my Discord!

Author - Zires

Download -