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You have been brought to a strange world where you are expected to save humanity from the monster girls that have been hypnotizing and enslaving them.


Don't you hate it when the protagonist has to make a decision and the choice you vote for loses?  You make your decision, you get outvoted, and then you never find out what would have happened if the protagonist had done what you said.

This story won't do that to you.  Rather, at all branching points, what happens for all branches will be written.  Whatever you choose, you'll get to see the consequences.

Most stories don't do that because of the combinatorial explosion problem.  Try to write all branches and dividing your writing between exponentially many branches means that none of them get very far before the story dies.  This story makes some branches result in failure, sending you back to your latest save point.  That prevents the combinatorial explosion until the very end, when you can choose from among twenty endings.  Yes, really:  twenty different endings, with nearly all of them having a lengthy conclusion.

And don't you also hate it when you follow a story for a while and then the writer just stops writing it?  You never get to find out how it ends!  Even linear stories on this site are bad enough about that, but branching makes it much, much worse, as it's massively more writing to finish all of the branches.

This story won't do that to you, either.  I know that I can finish all branches because I already have.  The story is completely pre-written, and you only get to decide which branches to take along the way.  Because of that, we might post the entire thing in a single live.  Or we might not.  We'll see.  But you won't be sitting there waiting for me to type up the next chapter.

In the story itself, you are teleported to a strange world in which there are monster girls who can hypnotize people. There are lamias, mermaids, catgirls, genies, and many more out there for you to meet. It's inspired by the (very NSFW) game Monster Girl Quest, with the major difference that if you lose a battle, you get hypnotized rather than raped (which is why MGQ is very NSFW).

You set out to save the world from monster girls who are able to hypnotize people and capture them permanently. Armed with a sword that can neutralize their hypnotic power, you fight with numerous monster girls on your journey as they try to hypnotize and capture you.

Only a few small portions of the story merits the mature rating, and isn't remotely close to being NSFW. In particular, this is not a smut story.

The story doesn't take itself seriously, but breaks the fourth wall a lot. It's all in good fun.  Without further ado, let's get started:

Author - shall

Play - Fiction.live