First Time Caller

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A hypnotic tech support experience by Nyx Goddess Games


This is an audio-visual file with minimal interactivity which will attempt to hypnotize you. Before you begin, put on headphones, either sit or lie down in a way where you can still comfortably see the screen, and make sure you won't be disturbed for the next thirteen minutes. Additionally, this file uses mild fractionation.

In this file, the ever-helpful Nyx Priestess Null-03 sets up your Nyx Gaming account and, in the process, decides to have a little fun with your mind. The sexual content of this file relies primarily on domination, degradation (lots of calling the listener a hypnoslut), and, of course, hypnosis.


* To find the Nyx Goddess Games logo sexually arousing for the next week

* To visualize the Nyx Goddess Games logo when orgasming for the next week

Additionally, a small number of people have reported that seeing the Nyx Gaming logo makes them enter a trance-like state after listening. Please let us know if you experience this!

At any time, you can press the SPACEBAR  or ESCAPE KEY to stop the experience, be counted up, and have all suggestions wiped. If you enjoyed First Time Caller, please consider donating to get a downloadable copy! That way, you can listen to it whenever you want, and get a nice fullscreen version for optimal mind control <3

NOTE: Certain people have experienced trouble running this file on Firefox, so if it fails to load, please try another browser. Our most hypnotized programmers are looking into the issue, and we hope to have a solution soon.

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