Cruel Serenade: Gutter Trash

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A downloadable game for Windows

The Second Chapter in the Cruel Serenade Series is Here!

In the decaying ruins of Midnight City, danger and opportunity lurk in every shadow, beneath every flickering neon light. For Mezz, a cocky and capable crimefighter, a new chance at both has just opened up: A dusty data disc that may be a ticket to the Towers, the gleaming, guarded enclave of the elites. But getting his paws on it may take longer than expected, as the trail leads him straight to the dark, filthy heart of Midnight City: The Gutter.

NSFW. 18+. Furry, M/M, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Humiliation, Corruption and Bad Ends.

After a year of work, the second of five chapters in the Cruel Serenade series is here (check out the first here if you haven't, it's free!) Additional content for this chapter is planned, as well as three to follow, each with new locations, enemies, and some new mechanics. The outcome of each will carry over and build, effecting the others in small ways.

This is "in development" as I still have one of the three endings to add, as well as a good chunk of additional side content planned, all of which will be free to those who own the game. For now, the first two endings are in, as are pretty much all of the core mechanics and story.

Give it a try. I think you'll like it.

And as always, thanks for your interest and continuing support. Feedback and bug reports are welcome, and if you'd like to support continuing development, check out the SubscribeStar link below.

Author - Bitshift

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