Cruel Serenade

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A smug bunny sneaks his way onto a mysterious island off the coast of Midnight City, eager to investigate the recent actions of the boar gang there. Has he bitten off more than he can chew?

NSFW. 18+. Furry, M/M, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Humiliation, Corruption and Bad Ends.

This is the first of five "chapters" I plan to eventually get out. Each will be similar, but with new locations, enemies, and some new mechanics, and the outcome of each will carry over and effect the others in small ways.

If you like this one, the second chapter is now live! Check it out here.

This first chapter is free, and probably always will be, but if you enjoy it and want to support the project, consider donating when you download. You can pay any amount, and as many times as you like, so it works as a tip jar as well as well as an ordinary "purchase" system.

Thanks for your interest, and feel free to share feedback and bug reports.

Author - Bitshift

Download - itch,io