Crimson Lullaby

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The Assimilating Light was unleashed and its power transformed everything it could touch. And although for now, the phenomenon appears to be contained, the issue is far from being solved. You are being sent to New Cardiff to change that. You are the piece that can change the whole puzzle. But when the time comes, will you be able to face the challenge? And if so, will crush the corruption? Spread it? Tame it and use it for your own purposes? Or...

This is the continuation of the Lightbulb Route from The Magic Shop: Christmas Edition. We aim to make this project much larger than our previous ones, with a bigger story, more choices, more lewds, and overall greater replayability.

Yes, it will also contain many fetishes, like: hypnosis, dronification, femdom, femsub, bondage, magic, hypnotic breasts, multiple girls,...

Author - Porniky

Download - Google Drive