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Use your power of Control Magic to become a Hero... Or Villain! - by Changer

Adventure High is an Adult Game about power, temptation, and corruption. You play as a first year student at a magical college, who develops a gift for Control magic. This gift can be used to help others, or it can be used to bend them to your will. (All characters are 18+, as established early on with the rule that students must be 18 or older to enroll in the school)

This game is a cross between the RPG and Visual Novel genres; there is a dungeon to explore with turn based RPG combat, then in town and in the school you can use the spells you've learned in conversations with other characters. This, I hope, will lead to a greater feeling of agency, as you can take actions on your own without needing to wait for the game to prompt you to make them every time.

This game is still in development, so some subplots may come to dead ends, and some of the artwork (especially the backgrounds) still needs to be updated.


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