Training Space Station

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TrainingSpaceStation Logo.png

You control a space station on which you can train, sexually liberate and reveal the secret sexual desires of your samples, which you will collect all over the galaxy.

This is "Training Space Station", 🔞adult video game🔞 about adventures in far future telling the story about little emergency robot who had to become head of a mysterious deserted space station. But soon you will figure out true purpose of it. The station ruled by eccentric scientist was a place for exploring the most secret and innermost desires inherent in every living being in the universe. A place where inquiring minds perfected sexuality to the greatest heights and developed the most refined skills of sexual pleasures. But everything changed when they get spotted by prudish conservative Alliance. During the emergency FTL-jump damaged navigation system of station made a miscalculation which ended badly for the crew. But the station survived. By triggering emergency protocols and self-recovery systems, control was transferred to the autonomous emergency unit. But this little emergency robot turned out to be something more... You have to take control of this little robot, restore the station and develop it to unprecedented levels.


  • Manage and develop the station
  • Build a variety of machines and devices for your samples
  • Explore and discover new technologies
  • Go on missions to find new samples
  • Travel through a variety of worlds
  • Explore and collect the most unique samples
  • Train and improve skills of your samples
  • Go to all kinds of hotspots in the wilds of the galaxy


It is very important to note that the game does not promote sexual coercion and does not contain content with forced sex or rape. The game contains a variety of sexual fetishes and practices. However, we avoid depictions of brutal violence and harm. We especially want to clarify that the theme used with the impact on the characters is not coercion to sex, rape or hypnotizing for unwilling sex, but only allows to improve the sexual skills of the characters, making them more sexual liberated and lusfull. All of the characters depicted in the game are adults. Any resemblance to existing living persons or copyrighted characters is coincidental.

Author - GoodBadRobot

Download - Steam (release date TBD)