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A downloadable game by SuccumDev

Succum Brewery is an adult bar management game. The game features themes of corruption, hypnosis, submission, poor work-life balance, and cum. The game will receive monthly updates. Patreons will receive the game two weeks before each public release.

The Game

After running out of money mid-transport Catherine is abandoned on the rooftop of downtown mega-skyscraper: Peach Towers. She has no money, no friends, and no way to get to ground level. To make matters worse the place is swarming with chuds.

As luck would have it she finds an abandoned building that hosts a dormant AI: IO. IO requires a partner to function and the two of them start up a rooftop bar. IO is obsessed with customer service and learns from what he sees.

Together IO and Catherine deal with chuds, manipulative neighbors, an aggressive landlord, and more.

As time goes on and IO sees what the customers really want he begins Catherine on a training regiment. She has to decide to outsmart IO and escape the rooftop on her own terms, or become IO's perfect servant.

How it plays:

Every day Catherine works a shift at the bar serving drinks. The better she serves drinks the more the bar's reputation grows. She can make shifts last longer and keep the customers around by making small talk, flirting and more. The more aroused the customers get the more IO learns about human desires.

When reputation is high enough the bar can be upgraded in a variety of ways. In addition to the bar game Catherine can also look for clues and options to make friends, get money, and try to escape the rooftop if she so chooses.

A personal note: I'm making this game because I want it to exist. I've played a lot of adult games with these kinds of corruption themes and many of them fall flat. I wanted a game where the player gets to connect with the characters, people make decisions like they are real people, and the action ramps up in a way that feels more organic. Catherine isn't forced into her corruption, she slips into it slowly through her own hidden desires. If this is the kind of game that excites you then please help support it. I don't intend to keep this game in development for all time. I intend to finish this game. What the support does it gives me more options to get more art and expand the content to make it what I want it to be.

Author - SuccumDev

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