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Welcome to the Mind Control Games Wiki!

This site is for cataloguing games with hypnosis/MC content, with a focus on games created by community members! The goal is both to help authors find players, and to help players find games they'll enjoy. ^_^

It is very much a work in progress. Features will be added over time as I have the time/attention span, but I know I'll never get around to launching it if I wait for everything to be "ready". ^^;

Authors! Fans! You're welcome and encouraged to create an account and add anything that's missing.

This site contains adult content and is for 18+ viewers ONLY, or the age of majority in your country, whichever is greater. If you are below this age, please leave immediately.


We've got a couple of new updates, with more on the way!

I'm also trying to decide whether to keep the Applications category. I thought it'd be useful to help sort out what is and isn't interactive, but there's enough things that could go either way that I'm considering just ditching it. Tell me what you think?

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Administrative Contact

I can be reached on Twitter or at 💜