A Hollow Doorway

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A Hollow Doorway is a meditation on the meaningless. A love letter to nothingness and an introspective look at the heart of purposeless infinity. Desperately swipe and spin your doorway in a futile attempt to match the rotation of rapidly approaching concentric walls as sweat pours from your armpits and your soul pours into your trembling thumb. It's fun!

  • Pretty cool gameplay (it's all right)
  • 9 levels with an infinite array of difficulty modes
  • No filler: a veritable infinity of meticulously handcrafted doorways
  • 10 brand new tracks from JACK+JIM (they're good)
  • Loot boxes (I'm sorry)
  • Put a face on your doorway!
  • An in-app purchase to remove loot boxes from the game (I'm sorry)
  • iOS: Game Center support: 34 achievements & 5 leaderboards
  • iOS: iCloud support
  • iOS: Taptic feedback (iPhone 7 and newer)
  • iOS: iPhone X support

A game by Kenny Sun.

Music by JACK+JIM.


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